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Finding the best physician for your hospital or practice can be a long and difficult task, especially in a competitive market when doctors are in short supply. But Kendall & Davis has the expertise and the resources to make the recruitment process easier and more efficient. Most importantly, our physician recruiters can help you secure a candidate that meets your needs and will be an excellent fit for your organization.

At Kendall & Davis, the physician recruitment process involves a beginning-to-end consulting relationship with our healthcare clients:

1. It all starts with you. The first step in physician recruitment starts with the employer. In order to place you with the right physician, your Kendall & Davis recruitment consultant will take the time to ask questions and learn about:

2. The search for qualified physician candidates begins. After we have a complete picture of your organization and your selection criteria, your position will be advertised confidentially on our website as well as through a variety of recruitment channels in order to gain maximum exposure. Simultaneously, we will search for a physician that meets your criteria in our extensive, nationwide database of qualified physician candidates—one of the largest in the industry—and work with our healthcare contacts to find the ideal match for your hospital or practice.

3. We target the right candidates for a perfect fit. During the physician recruitment process, our consultants will get to know each job candidate on a professional and personal level in order to ensure that his or her training, skills and goals mesh with yours in order to create that perfect “fit.” Using a proven system for targeting each physician search, Kendall & Davis ensures that you are presented with only the most appropriate candidates and will avoid wasting time on unqualified leads.

4. We’re with you through every step, including interviews, contracts and beyond. Your dedicated recruiter can help facilitate your initial communication and interviews with the top physician candidates, as well as the facility visit. After the site visit, your recruitment consultant will review how things went and can offer advice with contract negotiations where warranted. Once a hiring agreement is reached, we will help coordinate your new physician’s move and the transition to your organization.

Our methods for placing the right physician in the right job have built our service-oriented business into what it is today. By managing the physician recruitment process from start to finish, Kendall & Davis can meet your employment goals while allowing you to focus on your business of caring for patients.

To get started with one of our expert recruiting specialists today, submit your job order or contact us at (866) 675-3755.

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